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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Started to play Otome games after watching Brothers Conflict. OMGOSH TSUBAKI~ GYUU~ XD

I am super into that game now and went to search for other Otome games. Wakakaka :D

I just bought a fucking expensive memory stick for my PSP, it seems like they are going to extinct, I wonder..

I got home and transferred all Otome collections I have for the time being. LMAO. OTAKU MODE, ON! I thought of playing games I played before a few years back thus looking thru my old HD. Guess what I saw, OLD MSN CONVERSATIONS! HOLY SH*T! HAHA! I opened and read some of them. All those painful, love and friendship arguments (there are normal ones too). I find myself amusingly silly and laughable. My England damn powderful. All those short forms. HAH! Load of bull crap. HAHAHAHA. AWESOME~

2:36 AM

Thursday, June 20, 2013

So, my friend created her new blog and the domain name is "therealshirlin.blogspot.sg/". Her heading is called, "The Real Me". When she showed me, The Real Singapore just came into my mind. I told her that and she is feeling depress. LOL. whut..

12:06 AM

Saturday, December 01, 2012

I thought I haven't posted anything for a year, but I did! I don't remember at all. FAIL. =''=

This year isn't so good, old day falls on a Tuesday = WORK. SIGH! This year's wish is to go to Neverland. HAH. Never ever will age in that world. Yeah right I wish. -_-

Work is HELL, HELL, HELL, HELL. I am developing a more IDGAF attitude. Lol. How AWESOME.

Anyways, I bought meself a KITE recently~ YAY!!  Also, I saw Alice Nine.. TTwTT
I did a heart shaped hand sign, waved vigorously, Shou smiled and waved back at me!! YIPPEE~ Being tall is good cuz the people in front of me are shorter, so.. BWAHAHAHAHA 8D
Was able to understood what Shou was talking about in Japanese. *HAPPY*
カッコイ!! His voice is so sexy btw, totally :p

3:45 AM

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Probably the most boring grad show ever! The first and the last day are the most fun tho. HAHA. It just ended like this! Time flies too fast! 

Flying to Bintan next Monday! Woot! (:

However, after enjoyment means hell. SIGH. Been worried about looking for a job since May.. TT_TT

NUUUUUUuuuuuu.. )))):

Wah liew~ Rehearsal starts on 23rd May and August 18 is D-DAY!! Nervous and excited! It's a good thing that I'm not alone in this. 8'D

Has to go to school, to CJ, to TKG and to meet the crazies tomorrow, which is also today. HAH. TIRED EH!

4:25 AM

Monday, June 04, 2012


Man, I still love Korean dramas even though they are kinda draggy waggy. 
"Rooftop Prince"!! Yoochun daebakk! Saranghamnida~ Lol. SIAO!
"Can You Hear My Heart" and "Sparkling" are awesome melodramas. Cry cry cry almost every episodes. Lol.

Can't wait to go to Boyz Nite Out with Dorcas. Gotta see Teen Top and SHINee dance to their new songs~ YIPPEEEE~ *Fangirls* 8D

Grad show is nearing! 18th to 22nd June 2012. OSU! Miraculously got a distinction for FYP. No wonder my boss LOL-ed so much and also made me LOL-ed. HAH! I did so much work for typography and got a C, but I deserved it cuz of my sucky binding of the damn catalog. Heh. :D

BKK was AWESOME! Loved the shopping. Up next after grad show, BINTAN!! 8D


3:46 AM

Monday, March 12, 2012


Hmmm.. I guess I will be keeping this blog till the day I die. LOL. Has been with me for so so long. I bitch around here some time. Sometimes I said something wrong out from my mind here and got me into trouble. Totally deserved it. HAHA. So, it's best to keep things to myself and sometimes share it with my old pals who would always listen to my whining.

I used to just say words out of my mind w/o realising I was being too blunt. For that, I apologise, however, I am saying for goodness sake. LOL. Even my sis said that she don't know if she hates me for being honest.

There are so many things that I want to tell my friends individually. If you allow me, I will tell you all the things about you. Yes, that honest.

HAHA. Anyway, I think no one would want me to do that, only my closest friends will. When that dress doesn't suit them, it doesn't. Who would want your friend to wear such a dress that is unsuitable? Isn't it? Sometimes people hate my honesty and bluntness. But wouldn't you want to know the truth? I know I might hurt them sometimes, but they know that I am being honest.


3:13 AM

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I dislike it when people send me a freaking long forward message like, "you will have good luck in the next ten days", "your wish will come true", "you will meet with bad luck" and blablablablabla. LIKE HELLOOOO, it won't f*cking work, it's all created by humans. They rarely text me and cuz of this, spam my inbox. Then greetings like "Happy New Year!", "Merry Christmas!" have none from those people. HAHA. Once I saw a long text from someone unusual, I won't bother to read and exit. the end

Well, I'm sorry if I offended the people who believes in those messages. (:

4:49 AM

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I did take the initiative, many times, but it always seemed like it's in vain.

I know I shouldn't put the blame on others but me who was stupid.

I always wanted to give up, don't do anything anymore but it's just too hard.

Maybe it's time, it's the start of a new year!!

I SHALL!!!!!!

Cuz, it's always so disappointing . SIGH SIGH SIGH SIGH

4:42 AM

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Things I hope to get this year:

1) http://list.gmarket.com.sg/gmkt.inc/Goods/Goods.aspx?goodscode=404241968&smart=ez

SUPER CUTE SHOES!!! <3 I want the Beige or the black one! Wahahahahahaaaa. The largest size only size 40, NICE. :D

2) http://backfactory.godohosting.com/html/9565-s.html

Purple bag pack!!! From gmarket as well. Man, I hope I could get these before I graduate... :'D

Neh, impossible!!!! So freaking expensive.. T.T

Oh well~ Next year FYP... After FYP, graduation trip to Korea with my beloved cousins! (((((:

Random post. :D

2:00 AM

Sunday, September 04, 2011

I think I am Homo. lol :D

8:14 PM


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Go Taiwan!
❥ Canon Digicam!!!!
❥ Polaroid POGO/POGO2!!
❥ Brother Sewing Machine~
❥ More clothes (never enough) :x
❥ Black Bird Fly!
❥ More Hoodies
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